WHAT THE CHRYSANTHEMUM KNOWS is a children’s illustrated chapter book series of immersive sensory stories about personal responsibility.  The series is written for ages 8 and up.

Sensory stories are a kind of story that has evolved to allow people with extraordinary sensory processing (autism spectrum, unique sensory processing or integration, etc.) to interpret experiences that can be overwhelming. They are often told in a format that allows the reader to implement soothing or familiar elements as a calming mechanism.  Because they tend to soothe, the stories are written so as to be read repeatedly.  Over time, they give the reader a tool for processing their environment independently and with more self-control.

WCK STORYTIME is a free supplemental digital series that uses the reader’s own name and includes them as a character in an ongoing story that is told in micro-chapters the reader can depend on to be delivered every third Friday of the month.  This keeps the story in a framework of routine and keeps all of the micro-chapters stored, searchable, and always accessible in the reader’s email.  A library of all the previously sent micro-chapters is available to subscribed readers to catch up with.

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If You Don’t Want to Go to Sleep, Close Your Eyes: A Story About What the Chrysanthemum Knows is Book One in a digital and printed book series that follows the main character, Sera, on a journey that pushes the limits of her senses.  It engages the senses with the use of color and light illustration, the imagery of texture, and the sounds of soothing and repetitive music. The story is scored and slowly introduces written sheet music that can be played or hummed by the readers.  I wrote this to be read to multiple children at once, and so included several parts they could each participate in.  The music is introduced slowly and the parts build throughout the book into a final harmonized piece that includes all of the parts introduced in the story.  Some digital editions can play synthesized recordings of the score as the book is read.

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Enjoy the stories and let me know what you think!